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Most women will need some form of gynaecological care during their lives. Investigations and treatments for gynaecological problems are among the most common medical procedures. We expect to be safe in the hands of medical practitioners whilst undergoing such procedures, however, gynaecologists can make mistakes and their negligence can have devastating effects on a woman’s health, fertility and psychological well being.

If you feel that you’ve suffered as a result of gynaecological negligence, then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Our specialist medical negligence solicitors can guide you through this process.

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How We Can Help You With Your Gynaecology Claim

We have a long history in helping women bring compensation claims as a result of gynaecological negligence. There are many different gynaecological situations within which medical professionals can unfortunately make an error or allow their standards to slip.

Our medical negligence solicitors have experience in handling gynaecological compensation claims stemming from the following injuries or complications:

  • anterior and posterior repair claims
  • endometrial ablation compensation claims
  • endometriosis misdiagnosis claims
  • failed abortions
  • failed sterilisation claim
  • fertility treatment compensation claims
  • hysteroscopy compensation claims
  • unnecessary or failed procedures
  • incontinence following surgery
  • perforation of the uterus during the insertion of a contraceptive coil
  • damage during laparoscopic investigations or during surgery
  • injury to bladder, bowel or uterus during hysterectomy
  • infection resulting in loss of childbearing potential.

We know that your experience will be unique to you. So if you’ve experienced an injury caused by an example not listed above, don’t worry, our specialist Medical Negligence Team will be able to advise you on whether you have a compensation claim. You can speak to them today by calling 0161 207 2020.

As gynaecology claims are vigorously defended by medical experts and NHS trusts, it is wise to instruct specialist medical negligence solicitors to stand by your side. Don’t be afraid to say that doctors caused you heartache through their incompetence, or that an important procedure failed or that you were left in pain.

We understand that gynaecology claims are sensitive to talk about but you can rest assured that your medical negligence claim will be dealt with discreetly and with the strictest of confidence. We focus on the medical and legal details and our medical negligence solicitors bring previous medical sector career experience with them. Our aim is to protect your interests and fight for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve in order to help provide for all of your future needs.

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How To Make A Gynaecology Compensation Claim

Our claims are dealt with on a no win no fee basis. This way, we allow everyone access to justice, regardless of their financial position. There are no upfront fees or hidden costs, as we take on the risk for you.

We work tirelessly to organise all of the paperwork required, contact all the parties that are involved and then devise a strong claim for you. So for free, professional advice on pursuing a gynaecology claim, contact us now and take the first step to be awarded the compensation that you deserve.

There are strict time limits for starting a gynaecology compensation claim, There are strict time limits for starting a care home negligence compensation claim, which in most cases will be within three years of the negligent treatment, or within three years of you knowing of the potential negligent treatment. This can, in exceptional circumstances, be extended, but it is always best to speak to our team of medical negligence solicitors to get the best advice possible from the outset.

If you have suffered medical negligence and would like to make a gynaecology claim, please call our medical negligence solicitors on 0161 207 2020, request a callback or start your claim online using our dedicated form. A consultation is completely free of charge, and we will assess whether or not you have an eligible medical negligence claim.