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Professional Qualifications

LLB Law degree

Previous Experience

I worked in another solicitors’ firm prior to this doing general administration, client care and communication. This improved my confidence in being able to apply to work within Ralli.

Why did you join Ralli Solicitors?

I joined Ralli solicitors because after studying medical law in my LLB Law degree, I decided that I wanted to become a medical negligence lawyer in the near future. I attended Manchester Law Fair and it was there that I met employees of Ralli whom were very friendly and polite. After speaking at the law fair, I discovered that Ralli specialises in personal injury and within that medical negligence is encompassed. Furthermore, Ralli’s vision is to be one of the most successful personal injury firms and this is something that intrigues me because I always strive to be the best and also personal injury law is of particular interest to me. Plus, I believe that the injured party should rightly receive compensation for the injury that was caused, Ralli are one of the main campaigners for Access to Justice. Access to Justice is a campaign group that campaigns to help obtain the best result for sufferers of an accident that was not their fault. Therefore, this is also something that persuaded me to join Ralli.

Who inspires you?

Several great figures such as Irena Sendler who put her life at risk to save many Jewish children during the Second World War.

Hobbies and interests

I compete in marathons each year which I thoroughly enjoy. I also enjoy being part of my debating team at my University.

Describe yourself in three words

Approachable, adaptable and efficient.

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