Name Michael Kniec Position Digital Marketing Executive Team Business Support Services Email
Michael Kniec Photo

Professional Qualifications

BA (Hons), LLB, MPhil  

Previous Experience

I previously worked at the University of Manchester School of Law and School of Dentistry. I primarily focused on running different social media platforms as well as creating marketing materials for distribution. I also acted as the Communications Champion for the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences.

Why did you join Ralli Solicitors?

I’ve always been interested in promoting the values of the UK legal system on social media. Firstly I did this by joining A2J (Access to Justice) and later Ralli Solicitors, where I applied my legal background to inform people about each organisation.

Who inspires you?

Photojournalist Don McCullin has been a constant inspiration for me. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to document hidden truths in some of the most dangerous regions in the world.

Hobbies and interests

I’m a photographer and an avid collector of retro tech.

Describe yourself in three words

Kind, understanding, and approachable.

Ralli is …