It is very common for employees not to have one permanent place of work. Your job may send you to a different place every day, including people’s homes, gardens, building sites etc. However, your employer is still responsible for you.

Just because the accident did not occur on your employer’s property does not mean that they are automatically not responsible for you.

As your employer, they owe you a duty of care to provide a safe place of work even if they do not own or are in control of the place where the accident occurred.

This can apply to any employee that has to attend someone’s property that is not their employers, including hairdressers, carers, delivery drivers, sales representatives, maintenance workers etc.

If you are attending someone else’s property, as part of your job you may be injured as a result of someone’s pet, a person at the property, contagious disease or even something in the property such as a tripping hazard or an unsafe object.

If so, your employer should have carried out checks beforehand to identify any dangers or risks and ensure that you have a safe working environment.

If you have had an accident like this, there are many reasons why you may struggle to decide to make a claim:

  • You may think you do not have a claim against your employer as they were not present or because they are not responsible for the place where the accident occurred.
  • You may not want to pursue the occupier of the property because it was not their fault.
  • You also may not want to pursue a customer for personal injury for business reasons.

However, you should not let any of these reasons stop you from making an enquiry with us to see if you have a claim. We will not pursue a claim against anyone that you do not want us to, whether this is your employer or the occupier of the property.

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