If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal injury as a result of an accident that was not your fault, we can help you claim compensation. For a free consultation, please call our dedicated spinal injury solicitors on 0161 207 2020 or start your claim online and we will call you.

You or a member of your family could have suffered a spinal injury in many different ways. Spinal injuries often happen in a fall. This could be an accident at work, on someone else’s property or even on the pavement. Spinal injuries are also commonly caused by road traffic accidents.

A spinal injury can be a fracture to the spine, damage to the nerves in the back, injury to the discs in the back or damage to the spinal cord itself. These could cause you to suffer severe back or neck pain, numbness, loss of function in the legs and even paralysis.

If you have suffered a spinal injury, we know it can have an immediate and devastating impact on you, your daily life and your family. You are likely to be worried about the new challenges, which you will face in simply going to work, driving a car, going on holiday, or even just going out with friends. There are many ways of getting help with all the challenges of living with a spinal injury and we will ensure that support is available to help you adjust to life after your injury. It is crucial to have the help of specialist spinal injury solicitors to ensure that you secure the speedy compensation you will need to help you adapt to the effects of the injury and secure the rehabilitation and therapy you need to help you get your life back on track.

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How We Can Help You With Your Spinal Injury Compensation Claim

Over the last 40 years, our specialist spinal injury solicitors have successfully advised many people who have suffered spinal injuries, ranging from the most serious to fortunately more moderate injuries. We are corporate members of the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA), showing our expertise in spinal injury claims.

Our specialist team of spinal injury solicitors can help you to:

  • Secure the rehabilitation, therapy and private healthcare you need to achieve the best recovery possible.
  • Recover compensation to pay for adaptations to your home or your car to help you regain independence.
  • Claim for any help or equipment you may need in the future to help you to get back to work or make your life as easy and independent as possible.
  • Reclaim the expenses you have already had to pay as a result of the accident, and look to reclaim any losses such as lost earnings for you. We may be able to obtain some of this compensation as an interim payment at an early stage of the case.
  • We will also recover compensation for the pain and suffering you have been through and, whilst we understand that no amount of money can ever truly reflect what has happened, our aim is to successfully recover the maximum amount of compensation for your spinal injury, and offer you both practical, comforting and emotional support throughout the process.

Thank you for your continued support and persistence. I will most definitely recommend you to anyone in the same situation. Thanks again.

Mr A, Liverpool – April 2014

How To Make A Spinal Injury Compensation Claim

There are strict time limits for starting a spinal injury compensation claim, which in most cases will be within three years of the date of the accident or date of knowledge of the negligence. This can, in exceptional circumstances, be extended, but it is always best to speak to our team of friendly spinal injury solicitors to get the best advice possible from the outset.

We will undertake an initial free consultation. We will discuss with you the steps we will need to take to investigate your claim and determine who is legally responsible at an early stage. We will also talk over the procedure for making a spinal injury compensation claim.

We offer a no win, no fee arrangement on our cases and can discuss this with you and any other ways of funding your case.

Please speak to our team of spinal injury solicitors for a free consultation by calling 0161 207 2020, or request a callback using our dedicated online form and we will call you back.