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Many people find going to the dentist worrying even when the majority of times the treatment is successful. Most dental care is of a good standard. However, if there is a problem and your dentist fails in his or her duty of care causing you avoidable pain, suffering and expense, you may be able to make a dental negligence claim for dental compensation. We’re here to take some of the weight off your shoulders following dental malpractice.

What Is Dental Negligence?

Dental negligence occurs when the level of treatment afforded by a qualified dental professional falls below what would normally be expected, causing physical or emotional distress. Whilst most patients make a full recovery from the errors and/or mistakes made during dental treatment, some injuries can prove life-changing. Whether you were treated privately or by the NHS, you may be able to make a no win no fee compensation claim for the injuries you have suffered due to dental negligence.

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These are the types of dental negligence we most commonly see:

  • Delayed, missed or late diagnosis – your dentist misses a serious dental condition, such as an abscess, or thankfully, rarely, oral cancer. Once the true nature of your problem is discovered, it has progressed and is much more serious than it would have been had it been discovered earlier.
  • Your dentist incorrectly treats or extracts a healthy tooth.
  • Negligently performed root canal treatment, substandard application of veneers, implants, bridges and braces.
  • Mismanagement of periodontal disease.

Some of the more common types of injuries that can be caused by dental negligence include:

  • long lasting or permanent nerve injury involving the face and mouth which may lead to a loss in taste or sensation or facial palsy
  • avoidable loss of dentition with associated loss of confidence and self esteem
  • avoidable advanced periodontal disease, gingivitis and bone loss to the jaw.

We know that your experience will be unique to you. So if you’ve experienced an injury caused by an example not listed above, don’t worry, our specialist Medical Negligence Team will be able to advise you on whether you have a compensation claim. You can speak to them today by calling 0161 207 2020.

Dental negligence can lead to expensive follow-up treatment costing thousands of pounds, and sometimes, the damage can be so bad that you’ll need cosmetic dentistry to correct matters. In these instances, dental compensation can help you financially so you can focus on putting your confidence back together.

The service provided was more than excellent throughout the case and the outcome better than expected.

Mr Humphreys, Amlwch – April 2014

How We Can Help You Make A Dental Negligence Claim

For 40 years, we’ve helped people make successful dental negligence claims after they’ve suffered an injury or complication.

At Ralli Solicitors, we understand that negligence claims are more than seeking compensation for neglect. The impact of dental malpractice can be upsetting and stressful, leading to emotional and psychological distress, for example, causing you to develop a phobia of visiting the dentist in the future.

Our expert team take great pride in helping victims of dental negligence by:

  • Obtaining independent dental evidence: We have access to an expert panel who include practising and former dentists, who can provide expert advice on whether the treatment you have received has fallen below the reasonable standard of care and if you are entitled to dental compensation.
  • Collecting information on your financial losses: Our claims procedure seeks to compensate you for any and all expenses you incur as a result of your bad experience. Whether this is the cost of multiple treatments, travel costs, loss of earnings or anything else that has left you out of pocket.
  • Supporting you: We know that pursuing a claim can be stressful so we will assist you as much as we can by representing you on a no win no fee basis, so contact us today to start your hassle free journey.

Our aim is to secure the funds and support you need to make an impact after suffering from negligent dental care.

How To Make A Dental Negligence Claim

There are strict time limits within which you have to file your claim; this is generally within three years of the negligent treatment, or within three years of you knowing of the potential negligent treatment. This can, in exceptional circumstances, be extended, but it’s more important that you get the correct legal advice from an experienced dental negligence solicitor as soon as possible to maximise your chances of success.

If you think you may have a dental negligence claim and would appreciate some advice on a no win no fee basis, please contact our dental negligence solicitors on 0161 207 2020, request a callback or start your claim online using our dedicated form for a free initial consultation.