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Every day of our lives we place our health and wellbeing in the hands of medical professionals and rely on the delivery of quality medical treatment and care during routine and life changing events. However medical professionals from time to time do make mistakes, which can have serious consequences.


Medical Negligence is when an action or inaction by a healthcare professional causes you harm or loss. All medical treatment involves risk, however small. Sometimes you may have suffered as a result of a recognised complication of treatment. However if the care afforded to you falls short of the standard expected then you may have been the victim of medical negligence for which you can claim medical negligence compensation.

Our Medical Negligence Department has experienced solicitors who have specialised in this area for a number of years. We are also fortunate to have employees who have worked within the NHS and therefore can offer an honest, impartial and objective analysis of your case.

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We’re committed to helping you find out what went wrong, and how to put things right. Whether you wish to make a complaint, seek an apology or obtain financial security for the future, our role is to help you move on and rebuild your life.