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Orthopaedics is the branch of medicine that deals with bones, joints and their associated muscles. It includes the diagnosis and treatment of deformities, fractures, tendon ruptures and joint replacements. Thousands of people are treated successfully for orthopaedic health problems each year, although not all orthopaedic procedures go to plan, and medical errors are fairly common resulting in pain, heartache, frustration, severe disabilities and potentially corrective surgery. Due to the nature of these cases, the impact on the patient’s mobility and lifestyle can be severe and may give rise to an orthopaedic claim.

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How We Can Help You With Your Orthopaedic Injury Claim

Our specialist Medical Negligence Team have years of experience in orthopaedic negligence and have helped recover the rightful amount of compensation for thousands of clients.

Orthopaedic medical negligence may occur in a number of circumstances, where the error or oversight of a medical professional causes the patient harm and suffering. Common situations include:

  • A misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, sometimes caused by reading x-rays incorrectly – particularly if this caused the problem to become worse.
  • Injury caused to nerves during the course of orthopaedic surgery, which can result in permanent damage or mobility problems.
  • Failure to recognise or treat fractures, particularly in A&E.
  • Incorrect fracture repairs, necessitating further surgery.
  • Damage to circulation or poor operative technique in joint replacement surgery – our medical negligence solicitors also handle hip replacement compensation claims relating to faulty implants and dislocation.
  • Inadequate suturing or the dressing of wounds, leading to infections and further health complications.

Orthopaedic injuries can change lives, not only affecting the victim but their loved ones. The consequences of an orthopaedic injury can cause extreme distress and the condition may require longer term care and rehabilitation. Without the correct treatment, rehabilitation therapies and medication, orthopaedic injuries can have lifelong consequences, such as chronic pain, paralysis, restricted mobility and disability. The complexity of orthopaedic claims means it is vital that you are represented by a specialist solicitor who will give you access to the best rehabilitation programmes available, whilst pursuing your claim for compensation. We understand that these injuries can leave the victim feeling vulnerable, and the physical and emotional effects of the negligence are often just as damaging as the physical impact. That’s why our team of medical negligence solicitors will ensure that your claim is handled with care and sensitivity, working alongside medical experts in the orthopaedic field, to guarantee the best possible result for you.

Our aim is to secure early treatment, care and support, giving you the best chance of recovery, whilst we fight to recover the rightful amount of compensation you deserve.

It was a pleasure dealing with Ralli Solicitors. They kept me up to speed regarding my claim.

Mr Briscoe, London – March 2015

How To Make An Orthopaedic Compensation Claim

If you feel that you or a member of your family have sustained an orthopaedic injury due to negligence, we can provide you with the advice and expertise you need to pursue a claim on a no win no fee basis.

There are strict time limits for starting an orthopaedic compensation claim, There are strict time limits for starting a care home negligence compensation claim, which in most cases will be within three years of the negligent treatment, or within three years of you knowing of the potential negligent treatment. This can, in exceptional circumstances, be extended, but it is always best to speak to our team of medical negligence solicitors to get the best advice possible from the outset.

Our medical negligence solicitors will do whatever it takes to make the claims process as easy as possible, so please call our experts on 0161 207 2020, request a callback or start your claim online using our dedicated form. We will work tirelessly to help you get your life back on track.