If you or a member of your family was injured at sea on board a cruise ship, boat, ferry, yacht or whilst scuba diving, if you were working on board a ship or on holiday, our no win no fee solicitors can help you with your claim for compensation. Please call us on 0161 207 2020 or start your claim online using our dedicated form.

Whether travelling by sea for business or pleasure, vessel operators have a legal duty to protect you and your family and minimise the risk of accidents, illnesses and injury whilst on board. Usually, your journey by sea will be smooth sailing, however if something does go wrong as a result of negligence, you may be able to claim compensation – either from the owner of the vessel, the cruise liner or from any tour operator involved.

Our specialist solicitors can help you to recover the full and fair compensation you deserve following an accident at sea.

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How we can help you claim compensation for an accident at sea

We have successfully helped hundreds of clients recover compensation for a wide range of accidents on board ships or boats including:

  • injuries caused when a ferry collided with the harbour wall
  • injuries caused by slipping on a wet surface due to a leak from a pipe
  • injuries caused by a faulty door on board a cruise ship
  • hand injuries caused by sailing winches
  • maritime disasters – for example, we acted in the 1987 Zeebrugge – Herald of Free Enterprise ferry disaster
  • man overboard disasters – for example, Creightons Naturally, Whitbread Yacht

Claims for accidents at sea are often quite complicated because of jurisdictional issues, the time limits for claiming and determining exactly who is to blame. That’s why for those unlucky enough to experience injury or illness during their time on board, specialist advice is needed before pursuing a claim for compensation.

In many cases accidents at sea are governed by the Athens Convention 1974. If, as a passenger, you sustain an injury on board, or while embarking or disembarking, you may well be entitled to compensation for the damage or loss you have suffered. You may also be able to claim compensation if you develop an illness, for example as a result of food poisoning. Passengers will need to prove that the incident which gave rise to injury or illness occurred during the voyage and was due to the fault or neglect of the carrier, its crew or agents.

The window of opportunity for claiming sea accident compensation is much shorter than it would be for other holiday accidents as all claims related to injuries, accidents or illnesses on ships and boats must be made within two years of the incident date.

I cannot fault Amanda Hatton in any way. She has helped me through a difficult time.  I would recommend her and Ralli to anyone in need of legal advice.

Mrs Partington, Warrington – July 2015

What To Do If You Suffer An Accident At Sea

If you suffer an accident at sea and are able to, take the following steps to help us help you:

  • Report the accident to a member of the ship’s crew and obtain a copy of the report made.
  • Take photographs of the accident location and any defect which you consider led to your accident.
  • Take photographs of any work undertaken to remedy the defect identified following your accident.
  • Take the names and addresses of any witnesses to your accident and confirm that they would be happy for us to contact them if necessary.
  • Speak to other passengers and see if they have had similar accidents or noticed the problem and reported it to the crew staff members. If they have, take their contact details.
  • Contact our experts on 0161 207 2020.

Being involved in an accident at sea may leave you with a range of injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to serious head and spinal injuries – even death. These injuries can have far reaching physical, emotional and financial consequences for you and your family. Our aim is to ensure you receive the best possible medical treatment, physical and emotional support throughout your recovery journey, and the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries and suffering.

If you have lost a loved one in an accident at sea, we will provide you with the legal support you need in order to cope with the emotional and financial aspects of the resulting life changes you will face.

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How To Make A Sea Accident Compensation Claim

If you’ve had an accident at sea, you may feel daunted at the prospect of making a claim. Our experienced solicitors are sympathetic to your unique needs and will work with you to gather the evidence and expert testimony to support your claim on a no win no fee basis.

Please call us today on 0161 207 2020 to arrange a free consultation or contact us online using our dedicated claims form.

We will take the worry and hassle out of your claim, leaving you to concentrate on your recovery, as we work towards a successful outcome.