With the UK currently in lockdown as a result of the Coronavirus, the amount of Road Traffic Accidents has significantly decreased. This is as a result of individuals working from home and making journeys for essentials as well as the new rules introduced in relation to meeting members of family and friends in open outdoor spaces whilst maintaining social distancing.

For those who were considering bringing a personal injury claim pre and post lockdown, and have recently been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault then you might be wondering whether you can still make a claim.

Does the coronavirus impact my ability to claim?

The coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on all personal injury law firms and the way that claims are progressed. However, our Personal Injury team is working remotely from home and is still available to meet all your demands.

There will be specific areas within a personal injury claim which are delayed as a result of the Coronavirus. One example of an area of law that might be delayed as a result of the pandemic would be employer liability claims if the business is closed or working with limited members of staff.

A massive part of making any personal injury claim is to be medically examined by a medical expert who is completely independent from both Claimant Solicitors and Defendant Insurers. The medical expert provides us with a document known as a medical report regarding how long they believe you will be suffering with your accident related symptoms.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, the hospitals have been restructured to help Coronavirus patients recover from the virus. This, therefore, has delayed face to face appointments for the foreseeable future; however, some medical agencies are hosting appointments via video conferencing to ensure the progress of personal injury claims.

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