A concertina collision is an accident which commonly involves three or more vehicles in which one vehicle shunts into the vehicle in front with such impact that the same vehicle is in turn forced into the vehicle in front. It is in fact a sequence of events triggered by the first car crash.

In such an accident it can be difficult for insurers to determine who is at fault when there are multiple vehicles involved. The general consensus is that normally when a car collides into the vehicle ahead of them, they will be held liable under the assumption that the car travelling behind must stay a safe braking distance away. However, in an accident involving a large number of vehicles establishing liability is not always so straightforward.

Therefore, generally speaking if you are the front or middle vehicle you should not be at fault. As the middle vehicle if you were stationary and hit in the rear with such force that your vehicle was shunted forward into the vehicle in front, you are still not at fault. Since your stationary vehicle has been pushed forward into another vehicle, the driver that collided into you is liable for damages for both you and the vehicle you have been forced into.

Similarly, if you are the vehicle in front you do not need to claim from the vehicle that directly collided into you but in fact it will be the vehicle at the end who has initially triggered the car crash, however do make sure to obtain details from all the parties involved as witness evidence could be crucial to determining liability in such cases.

Any injuries sustained from a concertina collision may also be more severe as there may have been a double impact. If you have been involved in a concertina collision please give us a call.

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