Due to the current pandemic and during this time of lockdown and restrictions more of us are wanting to take extra advantage of the daily recommended exercise. The shining sun and the four walls of our home are bringing more of us out to exercise, even those that normally do not exercise so much!

Some are already regular runners, walkers or cyclists but the rest of us may be using this opportunity to exercise for the first time in a very long time and may be doing so  in an unfamiliar territory or whilst using new means of exercise.

Since there are currently fewer cars around many of us are also taking to the roads on two wheels.

Unfortunately walking, running or cycling on areas you’ve not ventured before means you are at a higher risk of an accident occurring.  You are less likely to recognise where the pot holes are, or how low or high that curb is when you are crossing the street.

Even though there may be less cars on the road especially if you are new to cycling, even seemingly empty roads can be dangerous to cyclists.

Here our top 5 safety tips for whether you are an enthusiastic walker or runner, to keep you safe during these times.

  • You should always wear a helmet when you go out cycling.
  • If you are a less confident cyclist then keep to quiet roads and lanes where it is easy to stop and let traffic pass.
  • Make sure you signal and indicate where you are going regardless of whether you think there is someone behind you or not.
  • Use dedicated pedestrian crossings when you cross the road and tell children to put all electronic devices away before crossing.
  • Carry a small torch that you can easily clip on to your key chain or using your smartphone’s torch app if walking in the dark to be extra vigilant.

However, if you have been unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident please sure you take the other motorist’s name and registration number. If your accident was caused by a defect in the road then take plenty of photographs of the defect.

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