A person working in the medical field may have spent several years in training, however they not exempt from making mistakes.

A doctor or surgeon may spend a decade in studying and practicing an area to specialise in however this does not mean mistakes will be avoided. Even a surgeon with decades of experience can have a “bad day in the office” which can have serious consequences on a patient’s life.

Currently, with every 1 in 5 births, there are lapses that lead to mistakes, affecting the baby, mother or both. This scary statistic needs to be tackled (and this is a topic of discussion of its own) however we focus on the current consequences a patient suffers from and continues to live with due to the negligence of a qualified, medical practitioner.

There are services available to help make complaints against a hospital Trust however this may not always be the appropriate course of action in all cases. A claim for clinical negligence should be considered if you feel the duty of care owed to you was breached and this resulted in the harm you suffer from.

We understand the medical practices involved are difficult to navigate through and therefore are happy to discuss any issues you may have in respect of a claim. It is important to note that no mistake should not be considered as “minor” and a patient’s age should not be a factor to deter you from pursuing a claim.

If you feel the above applies to you or to someone you are aware of, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 207 2020.

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