Why does it feel like we wait for 5 hours in the Accident and Emergency department in a hospital, and get examined and discharged within 10 minutes when it’s finally our turn?

We are all aware that hospitals are getting busier and busier and having internal problems such as staff shortages doesn’t help. Consequently, this is leading to patient’s experiencing negligent care as patients are dealt with as soon as possible so that the consultant can treat those who are next in line.

Unfortunately, this reality has led to mistakes being made that should not be made and sadly the patients are the ones who have to suffer the consequences.

We have had many people contact us as they were unsure about whether they wanted to pursue a clinical negligence claim or not. We have experience in dealing with this by providing professional advice to suit your needs and offer you choices that you are comfortable with.

An example includes helping you draft a formal complaint letter to the NHS Trust requesting an investigation is carried out and your concerns are answered. We have helped draft these letters for our client’s and the responses from the hospital’s have often led to admissions being mad by the hospital, where they identify mistakes were made that should not have occurred. This has also resulted in compensation that our client’s have received without the need to go through litigation.

So, if you have received a bad experience from the hospital, please contact us on 0161 615 0627 and we will be able to help resolve any queries and concerns you may have.

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