David is happy, it is a Friday and he is on his way home to spend time with his family for the weekend. It has been a long and tough week, and he is exhausted. The hours are now drawing in and it won’t be long before he has to start paying for the children’s Christmas presents. Hopefully this year he will be able to afford a small gift for his wife as well.

David sighs a little as he sees the build up of traffic ahead, but that’s to be expected on a rainy Friday evening.

Bang .

David is thrown forwards in his seat and pulled back by his seatbelt. The car behind has driven into the back of him.

Although shaken and shocked David manages to get home.

Unfortunately the peaceful evening he had imagined with his wife and young children, is spoilt whilst he spends his evening reporting the matter to his insurers and worrying. David has to spend the weekend in bed in agony with a stiff neck and shoulder.  He feels awful leaving his wife to do everything. Come Monday there is no way he is able to work

Jump 6 weeks forward….

David is not happy, it is a Friday and he is on his way home to spend time with his family for the weekend. It has been a painful and worrying week, and he is exhausted.  The family’s savings have been used up replacing his lost income whilst he was unable to work for 5 weeks. He has had to borrow money to replace his car after it was declared a write off and to help him pay for the additional expenses such as prescriptions charges and car parking charges for his physiotherapy appointments.

He does not know how he is going to tell this children that they cannot have any presents this year.

David’s story may be fictional but it will sound familiar to many accident victims. However the current Government and Insurance Industry see whiplash injury as trivial and do not understand the pain, and financial difficulties it can cause to the victim. Under the current proposals David would have to take on the  Insurance Company himself without any legal representation to fight to recover his loss of earning, reimbursement for all the expenses the injury has cost him and for fair compensation for the pain and loss of enjoyment he has suffered.

Is this Justice for David?

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