If settlement cannot be achieved and there are disputes, a claim can go to Court where evidence is presented to a judge which is not like you see on Judge Rinder! Trial in Court can be a difficult experience as you have little control on the process.

However, Mediation is a process which can be used to resolve disputes outside of Court, with the aid of an independant mediator who assists both the Claimant and Defendant into reaching an agreement that both parties are satisfied with.

It is important to remember that a mediator is not a judge and mediation is not public. Rather, it is held in private offices and is strictly confidential. A mediator does not have any power to make decisions and is present to help identify issues which both parties have difficulty and disputes with. Following this, a mediator can help in proposing strategies to tackle any obstacles.

During a mediation meeting you do not have to talk to or even see the Defendant if you wish. Rather you can go straight into your private room which only your party and the independant mediator has access to. During the process you can discuss your tactics with your Counsel and legal representatives, who can leave your room to submit these with the Defendant.

During the meeting, you can control the pace and you have the final input on any decisions that are made, for example, you decide what offer is made and what is accepted. This is different to Court as a judge would decide on the outcome and the amount of damages that are awarded.

If you are not satisfied with the way the meeting has gone, you can simply walk away without any problems.

Other benefits of mediation includes that it is less time consuming than going through trial, there is a lot of flexibility as to when a mediation meeting is scheduled and you are able to have your own say if you wanted to.

We have recently had a successful mediation which resulted in our client achieving settlement of over £35,000.00.

The Courts can be a scary experience for many people but we have experience in dealing with matters in alternate ways to suit you.

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