The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) has laid out plans to enforce the new small claims portal from April 2020.

The Motor Insurers Bureau unveils draft “customer journey” through new portal that will effectively remove lawyers from the claims process.

Legal Futures reveals that the organisation told stakeholders: “It is aimed at creating a good experience for customers… The customer journey model illustrates the different paths that are in consideration and, while not final, may help professional users with their internal project preparations.”

By enforcing the Civil Liability Act, which introduces damages tariff for road traffic accident claims and to raise the small claims limit to £5,000 in road traffic cases and £2,000 in other cases, the portal will likely have a negative effect on claimants. The vast majority of road traffic victims will not bother to claim for their injuries. Those that do go through the new process will likely under settle significant claims without appreciating the implications of full and final settlement.

MIB chief executive, Dominic Clayden, said that the cost of setting up the portal would be around £15m. Interestingly, while he insisted that the organisation “certainly did not agree that we have an influence on ministers,” much of the new portal has been funded by the insurance industry.  

Meanwhile, the number of personal injury claims registered by the Compensation Recovery Unit increased minimally over the last year. Data reveals that in all 862,356 registered claims, 660,608 were motor claims. These figures are the second lowest recorder since 2008/2009.

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