At Ralli Solicitors Ltd, we have been successful at settling many dental negligence claims.

Recently, we were able to settle a claim where a dentist drilled a hole in the claimant’s tooth by mistake. This left the claimant in a lot of pain and she sadly ended up having the tooth removed (extracted) because of the damage that was caused.

Although the dentist apologised to the claimant for not doing something he should’ve, legal action was sought to help compensate the claimant with the pain, suffering and loss of tooth. At first, the claimant did not want to claim as she had concerns that this would affect her relationship with her dentist, however at Ralli Solicitors Ltd, by settling this claim in a very professional manner, the relationship was not affected.

Please note, you should not feel like your relationship with your dentist will be broken as all claims are dealt with the dentist’s insurer rather than the dentists themselves.

By settling a claim, we are able to provide compensation for the pain suffered and also to help pay for an implant for the missing tooth.

If you would like to discuss any treatment that you have received by your dentist which you feel was negligent, please telephone us on 0161 615 0627 for a free discussion.

Please note, the treatment has to have been provided within the past three years.


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