The launch of the new personal injury portal has been delayed until 1 August 2020.

Highly controversial changes to the personal injury sector have been delayed until 1 August.

There has been widespread concern across the sector that the government would rush to meet its self-imposed 6 April deadline.

In addition to the delay, the government has also revealed that “the increase in the small claims track limit will also not apply to children or protected parties. This will enable the Government to test the processes and ensure that we have them correct before considering further extension.”

Furthermore, the MoJ has also revealed that an element of the portal meant to help litigants in persons has been dropped.

Planned reforms set out in the Civil Liability Act will introduce a damages tariff for road traffic accident claims and will raise the small claims limit to £5,000 in road traffic cases and £2,000 in other cases. The raising of the limit to £5000 is a 500% increase on the present limit of £1,000 for personal injury claims.

Ralli Director James Reilly argues: “It seemed inevitable that the whiplash reforms would be delayed and was widely predicted.   The rules had not been drafted or published by the CPR committee to assess how the scheme would operate let alone anyone interested suggest practical solutions to problems that will inevitably arise as the general public try to use a new system that has been created by the insurance industry which has a vested interest in saving money rather than  assisting the injured.  The new implementation date of August is still optimistic given that the rules have not been drafted or the technology tested.  The government has not drafted any sensible solution to deal  with ADR because they could not find a practicable solution, this is lamentable as it means in any case where the insurer says Portal says no will mean that the injured person without advice or guidance will have to either accept what they are told or issue their own case in Court.”

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