Here is a list of a few hazards that you should be aware of and tips on how to keep you and your family safe during Halloween:

Pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents: Road accidents tend to increase on Halloween since there other vehicles out on the road, so are more children in dark. In order to ensure that such accidents are prevented, encourage your children to use pedestrian crossings. When selecting a costume, choose bright coloured outfits. For dark coloured costumes make sure that you and your children are carrying flashlights and use reflective tape on costumes and treat bags/ buckets to enhance visibility.

Trip and fall accidents on property: Neighbours will do their best to make their property spooky and festive. They may have power cords and loose wires crossing their driveways or footpaths when powering up their house with lights and effects which are tripping hazards. In order to ensure that nobody is hurt on your premise and to avoid an Occupiers Liability claim make sure your porch and footpath is well lit and keep any steps and paths free of decorations and debris. Teach your kids to stay on sidewalks and respect homeowner’s lawns.

Accidents from costumes: Capes are awfully dangerous for even the most mighty superheroes so avoid letting your kids wear them whilst trick or treating. Capes cause strangulation risks, trip hazards or they can get caught on a decoration. Most Halloween costumes are often highly flammable so be careful when choosing yours. Ensure that you and your children are wearing proper footwear and avoid flammable materials for costumes and facial props such as long beards etc which are susceptible to catching fire from open flames like bonfires or candles. Masks and hats may block vision and make it difficult for a child to see steps or garden decorations, so opt for a safe face paint alternative. Make sure that costumes are a good fit and secure to avoid creating a tripping hazard.

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