Each week shoppers all over the country visit their local supermarket. This makes it an accident hotbed considering the amount of footfall combined with hazardous products if dropped or spilt.

We deal with claims every day against major supermarkets and unfortunately they may not be as simple and straight forward as you think.  The insurers will look for any reason not to pay out.

Claimants can have accidents that really aren’t their fault, but does that make it the fault of the supermarket. Say I spill a bottle of juice and someone slips five minutes is it reasonable that it should have been cleaned up in that time. How do we know when it was spilt?

This is why if accidents do occur, obtaining evidence such as CCTV is vital. Most supermarkets will operate on a clean as you go policy around the store and perhaps have a cleaner go round each area once an hour. They will have timesheets and cleaning logs that will be signed and show the same.

From previous experience working in retail, I can guarantee that a signed timesheet does not mean they have done inspections each hour. I knew people that at the end of the day would sign an entire log and say they have been doing the checks all day and unless we have CCTV to show that the spillage or hazard was there for longer than reasonable, this cleaning log will be considered to be truthful.

If they have done reasonable regular inspections, then we will struggle because looking at the size of a supermarket, it is not fair to expect staff to be positioned on each aisle just in case something happens.

If they have not done their job though and left a spillage on the floor all day and this has caused you injury. Then we need to make sure we can get evidence so they can not hide behind cleaning logs or timesheets. So make sure if the worst happens and you do suffer an accident, make sure to request a copy of CCTV.

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