If your case is rejected by your solicitor is that the end of the matter? Not necessarily so, and you may wish to consider obtaining a second opinion.

Obviously if you have the advice of a barrister also, or medically you cannot establish a link between the incident and your injuries complained of, then you may not wish to seek another opinion, but sometimes, the chance will pay off.

What one person or firm deems to be a risk too high to take, another may well view the evidence from a different perspective and choose to take a chance, and a fresh pair of eyes may see something previously missed.

I myself have recently taken on a case rejected by another firm, and indeed their barrister, and had some success. My client was told there was very little to go on and the previous firm questioned what the defendant could have done differently, if anything, to prevent the incident occurring. I saw matters differently and agreed to accept instructions and review the papers in full. We have now secured an admission of negligence from the defendant and it remains for quantum to be agreed, and needless to say, my client is delighted and feels as though he is finally getting some justice.

Of course there may be valid reasons why your claim has been rejected by your previous firm, and it may not be possible to pursue your claim further however, it is certainly worth considering.

We would act swiftly to secure your file of papers from your previous firm, and we would then review the same and provide our view with regard to prospects; if we believe there is merit in your case we will then discuss matters with you further, and if not, what have you lost?

You should note that you have 3 years from the date of the accident/incident (in most cases) to bring your claim; that is to say that unless your claim has been agreed and settled during that time, legal proceedings will need to be issued at Court in order to allow you to bring or continue with your claim. Time is of the essence and you should seek independent legal advice as soon as possible.

Each year we help thousands of people secure compensation and we would be delighted to have the opportunity to help you too.


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