The Rise in Negligent Beauty Treatments

The beauty industry is booming, year on year the increase in available treatments on the market increases. With an industry worth £17 billion every salon wants a slice of the pie but in the scramble to offer the cheapest treatments in the business and a diary full of bookings is the client’s safety being sacrificed? Salons seem to be putting aside their integrity to make way for untrained and unqualified employees.

Many customers have suffered from a range of injuries such as:

The beauty industry still remains unregulated and is a relatively new territory for personal injury claims. In 2015 Nia Griffith MP emphasised the need for hairdressers to be subject to a compulsory state register. This highlighted many of the issues in the industry, one being that the only system at present is a voluntary registration with the Hairdressing Council, a body which was set up under the Hairdressers (Registration) Act 1964.

It should be noted to the customers of beauty salons that they are owed a duty of care and that the treatment must be given with a standard that is reasonable. Many customers who have received negligent treatments are unaware that their injuries are just as much of a Personal Injury than a road traffic accident or an accident at work.

It brings up the question of should the personal injury industry push for more strict guidelines for Hairdressers and Beauty Therapists?

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