The UK is set to adopt speed limiting technology in all vehicles from 2022, according to provisions agreed to by the European Union.

According to the recently revised EU General Safety Regulation, all European vehicles will feature mandatory devices that alert drivers when they are breaking the speed limit. The fitted features will not forcibly limit speed but instead visually warn drivers that they are breaking the law, disappearing once the car slows down.

The Department of Transport has indicated that the proposal will be introduced in the UK by 2022 whatever the outcome of Brexit.

The European Commission believes the plans could help save more than 25,000 lives and avoid 140,000 serious injuries by 2038.

The new mandatory safety features include:

  1. For cars, vans, trucks and buses: warning of driver drowsiness and distraction, intelligent speed assistance, reversing safety with camera or sensors, and data recorder in case of an accident.
  2. For cars and vans: lane-keeping assistance, advanced emergency braking, and crash-test improved safety belts.
  3. For trucks and buses: specific requirements to improve the direct vision of bus and truck drivers and to remove blind spots, and systems at the front and side of the vehicle to detect and warn of vulnerable road users, especially when making turns.

Latest statistics from the Department for Transport reveal that more than 1,700 people lost their lives on UK roads in 2017. Additionally, there were 24,831 serious injuries in road traffic accidents reported.

Road safety charity Brake says speed is a contributory factor in about a quarter of all fatal crashes. Brake’s director, Joshua Harris, said: “This is a landmark day for road safety. These measures will provide the biggest leap forward for road safety this century.”


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