One of the main questions that I get asked by clients is “why is my case talking so long?”

Whilst I completely understand the dissatisfaction that the case does not settle instantly; unfortunately, it’s simply not that simple.

First you must think about what has happened so far in your case.

For example, imagine the Defendants have denied liability for the case. As the Defendants have denied liability, we cannot settle your case at this point and we must prepare to issue court proceedings against the Defendants. Where we do have to issue court proceedings, we need to get Counsel to agree that we have at least 51% prospects of success. Of course, as you will appreciate it does take time for Counsel to analyse the case to make a valued judgement on this. Once we have Counsel on board we must begin to finalise our evidence for issuing court proceedings. This involves obtaining medical records to prove the causation part of your claim. Medical records notoriously take time to obtain. Once all the medical records are received then we may ask you to see a medical expert for his expert opinion on your injuries and this does take time.

Alternatively, imagine the Defendants have accepted liability. Now it is even more difficult for you to understand why the case is taking so long. Well again it all depends on the particular case. However, we must obtain all medical evidence or other evidence before seeking to settle. We pride ourselves on achieving the best outcome for our clients. If we rush into settling post an admission of liability, then you could risk under-settling.

Points to note

  1. Be patient- We will update you once there are any updates on your case.
  2. Don’t worry- We stay on top of all our files and have scheduled reviews to ensure the cases are up to date.
  3. Remember- Unfortunately, we are in a chain. Sometimes other people e.g. the Defendants can take a while to respond.
  4. Don’t hesitate- If you are worrying that your case is taking too long, then please call us. We have a friendly legal team that are readily available to assist you in any queries you may have.
  5. Trust us- We try our best to always obtain the best possible outcome for your claim.
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