When I was leaving college and exploring the options of how to enter the legal profession. I wish more information was readily available that showcased the option of progression via the CILEX route. At the time of picking my next steps it felt like the only option was to go to university, get the degree and then look at a post graduate (LLP/Masters/Bar) qualification.

With the benefit of hindsight, I would have looked at the CILEX route. Yes, there are negatives, the main being that the cost is upfront rather than deferred until you reach a certain earning capacity on your typical undergraduate degree. However, a lot of colleagues past and present that have qualified through CILEX were able to get support from their employers. The added bonus of going this route is that you can learn and earn, rather than leave 3 years of a degree with a mountain of debt.

As I say, I wasn’t one of the students that went the CILEX route but rather did go to university and obtained the LLB, but even then when considering my post-graduate options, the qualifications mentioned above were readily accessible and offered courses. However, the lesser known option is the CILEX fast track diploma. This can be completed by passing significantly less exams than you would on the LPC or Bar at an average third of the price.

Upon completing the exams, you will need to complete a work place portfolio that will showcase your application of what you have learnt to qualify as a CILEX lawyer, but you do not have to worry about obtaining the elusive training contract, it can be completed in your current workplace position.

Had I known at the age of 18 to ignore the pressures of going to university and looking at other options less recommended I almost certainly would have done and I could not recommend the CILEX fast track diploma for budding law graduates that are struggling to obtain a training contract or do not wish to complete the LPC. Hopefully, this brief blog can help others that otherwise had never heard of this option.

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