Recent study from the European Commission reveals that the UK has the safest roads in Europe.

According to a recent European Commission Study, the UK has the fewest road fatalities per million inhabitants in 2018.

The data reveals that Denmark and Ireland are right behind the UK with the lowest numbers of road fatalities. Meanwhile Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia have the most dangerous roads.

The study looked at data between 2010 and 2018 and found that Greece saw the biggest drop in road traffic fatalities (45%), followed closely by Lithuania (43%), Portugal (35%), and Slovenia (34%), and the EU region as a whole saw a drop of 21%.

While this is overwhelmingly positive news, there were still 25,000 people killed in Europe over the last year, which means that the EU is far from meeting its intended target for 2020.

This news connects closely with a EU General Safety Regulation which will see all European vehicles fitted with mandatory devices that alert drivers when they are breaking the speed limit. The UK Department of Transport has indicated that the proposal will be introduced in the UK by 2022 whatever the outcome of Brexit.

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